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Bonghwa Songi Festival

Bonghwa Songi Festival

Bonghwa Songi (Pine Mushroom) Festival

As the largest Songi producing district in Korea, Bonghwa County organizes this cultural and tourist event to publicize the excellence of Bonghwa Songi and the clean nature of Bonghwa. Started in 1997, the Bonghwa Songi Festival is held around September each year.

Everyone is invited to enjoy a variety of activities, such as experiencing Songi mountain inhabited by this wild mushroom that cannot be cultivated artificially, picking Songi, tasting Songi dishes and buying Songi products at the Songi market.

Characteristics of Bonghwa Songi

Grown on Masato soil filled with the spirits of Taebaek and Sobaek Mountain Ranges, Bonghwa Songi is more fragrant than those grown in other areas. With a lower level of moisture content, Bonghwa Songi stores well for a long period of time.

Containing letinan, Bonghwa Songi provides anti-carcinogenic effects. In addition, Bonghwa Songi has been verified of the effect to prevent adult diseases. As such, Bonghwa Songi is acknowledged of as being the world's best quality.

Bonghwa Songi Festival

  • The Bonghwa Songi Festival
  • Theme
  • Fragrance of the nature! With Bonghwa Songi
  • When
  • Every year, in late September or early October
  • Where
  • Sports Park (Bonghwa-eup), around Songi mountain
  • Presented/ Organized by
  • Bonghwa County, Bonghwa Festival Promotion Council
  • Sponsored by
  • Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Forest Service, Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea Tourism Organization
  • Programs & Events
    • Official Events
    • Opening ceremony, congratulatory performances, cultural & art performances, Songi Singing Festival, closing ceremony
    • Nature Zone
    • Picking Songi, Songi Dongsan · Songi Exhibition Center, Bonghwa Songi Publicity Center, Bonghwa Forest Mushroom Exhibition Center
    • Leisure Sports Zone
    • Songi bowling, pine cone golf, rafting, Eun-uh cart tracking, robot biking
    • Well-being Zone
    • Bonghwa Hanyagu · Songi restaurant, Songi cuisine market, agricultural · specialty products market, Bonghwa Hanyagu Publicity Center and store
    • Family Zone
    • Old Partner Exhibition Center, Songi photo zone, face painting, natural dyeing, making Solbongi