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Mineral Springs

Ojeon Mineral Spring

Ojeon Mineral Spring Tourist Site

Located in Ojeon-ri, Mulya-myeon, Ojeon Mineral Spring is also called 'Ssukbat Yaksuteo'. It was first discovered by a peddler during the time of rule by King Seongjong during the Joseon dynasty. Ojeon Mineral Spring has since been evaluated as the best mineral spring in Korea. The water contains high carbon contents and is known to be effective in skin diseases and gastroenteric troubles. Ojeon Mineral Spring was designated as a tourist site in 1985.

Dadeok Mineral Spring

Dadeok Mineral Spring Tourist Site

This carbonated mineral water spring is located along the National Road No. 36. In old times, many people experienced beneficial effects after drinking water from this spring located underneath the Seumunamu tree. Hence, it was named 'Dadeok (much goodness) Mineral Spring'. There is a market selling organically grown vegetables and fruits nearby. So, this is especially popular among tourists. Dadeok Mineral Spring was designated as a tourist site in 2001. At present, a mineral spring resort complex is under construction.