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County Administration Policies

Bonghwa, a green city opening up the future

Open Administration and Harmony of Residents

With an open administration, Bonghwa County will achieve harmony among county residents and will create a mature and happy community that is commended and respected by all.

Bonghwa County will realize a flexible and creative administration by improving the inefficient administrative system, maximizing efficiency and productivity through changes and innovation, thereby creating a competent administrative organization.

Bonghwa County will realize an autonomous administration in the genuine sense by improving residents' participation in the county administration, expanding opportunities for women's participation in the administration and practicing resident-friendly administration that is trusted and respected by all.

Advanced Agriculture for Wealthy Farmers

Agriculture is the main industry of Bonghwa County. Enhancing agricultural competitiveness will be a driving force enabling the advancement of Bonghwa County. Bonghwa County will build a wealthy farming village by extensively developing high income earning agricultural CEOs through the project of 'KRW 100 million income for farming households'.

Each agricultural and specialty product of Bonghwa County will be developed as a single brand. By expanding the product processing and marketing facilities and achieving eco-friendly farming on the basis of Bonghwa's image as a clean county, productsclean county, high value-added products will be developed and actively marketed. This will lead to improving incomes for farming households.

Bonghwa County will improve the structure of agricultural products distribution by installing facilities specialized to the marketing of agricultural, stock farm and forest products. In addition, by expanding the basis of agricultural and stock farm productions and developing landscape farming, Bonghwa County will develop the strategic items and therefore achieve substantial and strong competitiveness for its farming households.

Cultural Welfare for Happy Residents

Welfare is not a consumption, but an investment for the future. Bonghwa County will establish the foundation of lifelong welfare with which everyone can enjoy the benefits of welfare while realizing cultural welfare that gives happiness to all.

In the super-aged society with a gradually aging population exceeding 28% of the overall population, Bonghwa County will expand its welfare facilities for the elderly. At the same time, Bonghwa County will establish a composite welfare system to expand cultural and welfare infrastructures that is differentiated for and customized to the socially disadvantaged, such as women, the disabled, children and low income households.

In addition, by improving public health and medical facilities and equipments, Bonghwa County will implement a preventative public health system, which will assist county residents in enjoying healthy living.

Energetic Local Economy

Bonghwa County will create energetic market-centered investment environment based on market autonomy. In order to support continuous growth, Bonghwa County will discover growth engines and will implement local economic bases for competition with the world.

Bonghwa County will develop new income sources that are differentiated according to the local characteristics by using the tangible and intangible competitive local resources, such as Baekdudaegan, Nakdong River stream, traditional cultural heritage sites, certified emission reductions and clean natural resources. Therefore, Bonghwa County will increase economic independence by linking these resources to residents' income sources.

Bonghwa County will activate and lead stable economic growth for traditional markets and small-scale merchants through successful administration. Therefore, Bonghwa County will develop a local economy to be full of energy and vitality.

Harmonious and Balanced Development

Bonghwa County will achieve harmonious development creating new values by developing the celebrated localities while preserving Korea's best clean nature and ecological environments.

Bonghwa County will achieve a balanced development of for SOC projects, such as of a national road, national branch road, regional road, county road and rural road. It will , also activate links and exchanges between regions. Bonghwa County will implement open network and promote balanced development of the entire regions.

Rather than a uniformed development, Bonghwa County will promote balanced development considering local characteristics so that county residents can enjoy the benefits of development through cooperation with neighboring regions.

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