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Local Specialties

  • Songi (Pine Mushroom)
  • Pine Mushroom
    Grown on Masato soil of Mt. Taebaek, Bonghwa Pine Mushroom is lower in moisture content and is more fragrant than those produced in other regions. Bonghwa Pine Mushroom also stores well for a long period of time. Containing letinan, Bonghwa Pine Mushroom produces anti-carcinogenic effects. Bonghwa Pine Mushroom is also effective in preventing adult diseases.
  • Dakshil Hangwa (Korean Traditional Sweets)
  • Dakshil Hangwa (Korean Traditional Sweets)
    Hangwa, such as Yugwa, Ipgwa and Jangwa, used for weddings, religious ceremonies and special occasions by the Andong Gwon family for the past 500 years ago are produced in the traditional methods as a specialty of Bonghwa.
  • Bonghwa Hanyagu (Korean Beef)
  • Bonghwa Hanyagu (Korean Beef)
    Premium-quality beef cattle is raised on medicinal herbs and wild greens, such as Danggwi (Korean angelica), Cheongung (Cnidii rhizoma), Jagyak (peony) and Jilgyeong (Asian plantain). Hanyagu contains 76% unsaturated fatty acid, which is essential in preventing arteriosclerosis.
  • Bonghwa Yugi (Brass Ware)
  • Bonghwa Yugi (Brass Ware)
    Sanggye-ri of Bonghwa-eup is the birthplace of Yugi with 500 years of history. This traditional Yugi village produces high-quality brass ware, such as Bonghwa Yugi and Naeseong Yugi. Designated as the Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 22 of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, the traditional techniques of Bonghwa Yugi are handed down through generations.
  • Assorted Grains
  • Pic Bonghwa Japgok (miscellaneous grain crops)
    Grains are produced in the out-of-the-way mountain villages. Bonghwa produces high-quality grains, such as millet, Indian millet, corn, soybean, red bean and green bean.
  • pepper
  • Pepper
    The beautifully colored pepper has thick flesh. When dried, the pepper produces high-quality and great tasting powder. Bonghwa pepper stores well.
  • Apple
  • Bonghwa apples
    Cultivated in mountainous areas with a large temperature difference between day and night, Bonghwa apple has firm flesh and sugar points around the seeds. Bonghwa apple is outstanding in freshness and sweet taste.

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