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County flag Bonghwa County Flag

A circle symbolizing the clean and beautiful Bonghwa and an oval symbolizing the affluent and fertile soil, thus maximizing the image of clean Bonghwa. The three mountains (Mt. Cheongnyang, Mt. Cheongok and Mt. Munsu) and a person marching forward express Bonghwa's progressive spirit of challenge that is advancing e at a power rate into the world and into the future.

County tree Chunyangmok (Pinus densiflora)

Also known as red pine, Chungyangmok with a long growth period stands solid and strong to symbolize the powerful spirit and patience of our county residents.
Mountain magnolia

County flower Sanmongnyeon (Magnolia sieboldii)

Distributed throughout the county area, Sanmongnyeon blooms in May ~ August. The white flower symbolizes the innocent and elegant nature of our county residents.
Garrulus glandarius

County bird Jay (Garrulus glandarius)

Belonging to the family Corvidae, the beautiful and intelligent jay is regarded as an auspicious bird. The exquisite j Jay represents the progressive spirit and infinite possibilities of the county residents.

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